SteadyMouse Cover

The SteadyMouse Project

Go steady with your mouse again!

SteadyMouse is assistive software, designed from the ground up to be your fierce ally against Essential Tremor and the variants that often accompany Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Discover SteadyMouse 2

By detecting and removing shaking motion before it reaches your cursor, and by blocking accidental clicks, the entire mouse experience goes from a chaotic battle to an enjoyable reality.

  • Anti-tremor filtering to remove shaking motion
  • Automatic blocking of unintentional mouse clicks
  • A unique Icon Targeting System to snap your cursor to where it was trying to go with the tap of a button
  • An easy global on/off toggle via the Num-Lock key
  • Productivity boosted to orbit

With SteadyMouse, you can finally stop thinking about tremor and just use your mouse. It takes care of the heavy lifting for you, so while your hand may shake, your cursor will be nice and stable! You can rest your mind and focus on better things.