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Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated February 17th, 2018)
After I purchase, how is the software delivered?
An email is sent containing a download button and your product key. It should arrive within 10 minutes! Simply download the installer, run it, enter your key, and you are all set! See here for details.
Is there a trial version?
Rather than a trial, we offer incredibly easy refunds at the drop of a hat. You get to try out the full version this way, and all it takes is an email saying "Please Refund" if you want your money back! A reminder email is sent towards the end of the refund period so you don't forget to make a decision.
I've purchased SteadyMouse, now how do I install it on each of my personal computers?
Easy! Just access your purchase receipt email from each of your PC's and follow the usual download and installation instructions. More details on multiple computers can be found here in the manual.
I did not receive my purchase receipt email! Where is it?
Usually this means there's a typo in your email address. If more than 10 minutes has passed, please contact us at
The download button in my purchase receipt email is not working, help!
This is usually either a browser problem, or because the purchase receipt was forwarded to an email address different than the purchaser. You can use the download page here instead. Failing that, try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my license between SteadyMouse 2 and SteadyMouse X?
Yes, you can change licenses anytime within the first 70 days. See the full instructions here in the manual.
I need an invoice for my purchase. How do I get one?
Open your purchase receipt email! Near the bottom locate where it says "Need an invoice for this?". Then click the "Generate" link to the right of that.
Do you offer a demonstration license for doctors, occupational therapists, and other professionals who are looking into SteadyMouse on behalf of their patients?
Absolutely! Send an email to
I am struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford SteadyMouse, help!
Send an email to explaining the situation and we'll work something out. Our first priority is helping people.
How do I purchase SteadyMouse licenses for multiple users?
There are two ways and it's your choice which to use:
  • Run through the normal purchase process multiple times and receive a new email with a new product key each time.
  • Go through the purchase process just once and use the "Quantity" field to select the number of users. You get a single email with a product key that has multiple users on it.
Is there a way to activate SteadyMouse without an internet connection?
Yes, as long as you have another computer that does have internet and a way to transfer files between them. Visit here for instructions.
Do you work with resellers?
Yes, provided that purchases can be completed using debit-card, credit-card, or PayPal via the standard online form described here.
Do you offer volume discounts when purchasing for multiple users?
Yes, however only for purchases of 5 or more licenses. If this is the case please contact to receive a discount code.
Help, I lost my product key!
We'll send you a fresh copy of your purchase receipt. Contact
Can SteadyMouse be used with a wireless mouse, trackball, trackpad, etc?
Yes, SteadyMouse works with a large number of devices.
Is there a version for MacOS or other Apple products? What about Linux?
Porting of the commercial version is underway and slated for SteadyMouse 3 or 4. The jury is out on Linux. It will depend on if there is a straightforward path. If you would like notification when it is ready you may sign up here.
Are you a registered vendor with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?
Yes, you can look us up here to learn more.
I'm from the media and interested in writing a story. Is there a press kit available?
There is, see here for details.
I'm a gamer! Does SteadyMouse work in games?
You are in luck. There is experimental support for many games!
Can SteadyMouse be used for camera stabilization (aka: Steadicam technology)?
Yes, there is experimental support for this.
I run Windows in a Virtual Machine such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Will SteadyMouse work in that environment?
Yes, with some minor changes to the Virtual Machine settings. For Parallels instructions go here and for experimental VMWare Fusion instructions go here.
I see that the old free version, SteadyMouse v1.3, was released a while ago, will it still work on newer versions of Windows?
The free version worked decently well up through Windows Vista. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 have seen major issues. These are all fixed in SteadyMouse 2 and later. If you wish to attempt making the free version work you can read through the guidance on the downloads page here and decide if it's worth the trouble.