Frequently Asked Questions

I see that SteadyMouse v1.3 was released a while ago, will it still work on Windows 7 and Windows Vista?
Yes, up through Windows 7. There are quite a few users running Steadymouse on newer versions of Windows without any problems. Windows 10 however has major issues. These will be fixed in the upcoming release.
Can SteadyMouse be used with a wireless mouse?
Can SteadyMouse be used with a trackball mouse and other less common mice?
Yes. In the majority of cases it works just fine.
Can SteadyMouse be used with a laptop touchpad and pointing stick?
Yes. In the majority of cases it works just fine.
Is there a version for the Mac or other Apple products? What about Linux?
Sorry, not at this time. There is a physical adapter you can buy here that will work, but it's unfortunately a bit pricey.
Are you still updating SteadyMouse? What's keeping you from working on it?
While I still answer most emails, SteadyMouse v1.3 continues to work fairly well and no urgent issues have arisen that require an update. I would like to work on it again someday when I find the time but my life is moving differently right now. Most of my software effort presently goes into this thing and the rest to prayer and studying / living Catholic theology. It's a strange combination, but I find joy in it. We'll have to see what the future brings, and I'm certainly open to doing more work on SteadyMouse at some point. It's just not my highest priority right now.