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Warning: Entering experimental territory

At present, game support coverage is approximately 50 percent, with line of site to eventual full coverage. This is because the majority of modern games use one of two methods for acquiring mouse input from the user. SteadyMouse supports integration with one of those methods.

After following the instructions on this page, you will be ready to experiment with the games you enjoy most to see what ones presently work and which do not.

Accessing Developer Mode

SteadyMouse has a hidden "Developer Mode" with enough engineering settings to get yourself in all kinds of trouble. I'll show you the way, but it's up to you to keep track of what you change. This is definitely more experimental territory!

How to Access:

  • Upgrade to SteadyMouse or later via the update process
  • Open the "About Window" by right clicking the system tray icon and selecting "About SteadyMouse"
  • Click repeatedly on the little mouse cartoon (near the bottom of the window) until "Developer Mode" unlocks
  • The "Gaming Defaults" button will change about 10 settings program wide to get you a baseline starting point for gaming.
  • Happy experimenting!


Based on feedback that has come in, these are some recommended settings for Overwatch. The goal here was to take a high DPI (2500 to 6000), high frequency (1000hz) mouse signal and turn it into a beautifully smooth ~800 DPI signal.

SteadyMouse Settings:

  • Before you begin, be sure to have unlocked the hidden settings. See "Accessing Developer Mode" above for details.
  • Start off by clicking "Gaming Defaults" to change most settings to the baseline needed for gaming
  • "Show Hidden Filter Sets" should be checked
  • "Use Direct Cursor Injection" should be checked
  • "Use Relative Motion Injection" should be checked
  • "Enable Screen Clipping" should be off
  • A good starting point for Speed Scale is (25, 25) as this will let you set higher DPI without speed being too fast.
  • Back in the main window, turn off "Icon Targeting" and "Show Normal Mouse Position"
  • You'll notice OS mouse speed is forced to the middle (ie: 10) if it wasn't already. This is totally necessary however you can adjust speed via "Speed Scale" instead.
  • Set the filter to "HiDPI Gaming #1" or "HiDPI Gaming #2". These both are 1000hz capable.
  • Set the filter strength slider to around 92 percent and adjust from there.
  • Take it for a spin in Overwatch!
  • Adjust filter strength and "Speed Scale" as needed to get both smoothness and speed to your liking

Physical Mouse Settings:

  • If your mouse has physical buttons for controlling DPI, bump them up as high as you wish to go. Usually the higher the better.
  • Some mice have settings that let you control the mouse sampling frequency. Often this is via the manufacturer's software or a special physical button on the mouse. If yours has this, bump it all the way up. If your mouse can do it, 1000hz is great!

World of Warcraft

It works! Use the same settings as described for Overwatch above and adjust from there.