About The SteadyMouse Project

SteadyMouse was started by me in 2005 after reading an article on the BBC about a new mouse adapter meant to assist people with essential tremor. The device, from IBM, was not yet available, and my Grandfather was already having major difficulties due to Parkinson's Disease. I thought I could throw something together in software, spent a serious few weekends writing code, and that pretty much led to where things are now. I'm thankful to IBM for their innovation, and would encourage anyone unsatisfied with SteadyMouse to consider buying their adapter. In the mean time, this project is intended to provide something that's free, quick, and hopefully just as good.

Ben Gottemoller

Special thanks are in order to a few friends who've been helping along the way:

  • Andrew Gottemoller - For finding solutions to several very difficult issues, one of which allowed me to throw out the mouse device-driver based architecture that would have been ever so painful.
  • Grant Farrand - For all the lessons in digital signal processing
  • Scott Moeller - For more lessons in digital signal processing
  • Dr. James Gottemoller - For being a wonderfully patient test subject :)
  • Hugh at WeMove - For being a great help with the beta testing on v1.1