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Updated February 15th, 2020
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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 years ago. I am a practicing CPA using 2 computers at my desk all day long. Lately increasing tremor activity has made mouse control a problem for me. I just learned of your software yesterday and purchased it immediately. Almost without realizing it, as I went back to work my mouse was working normally again. The shaking mouse cursor and accidental multiple double clicking had disappeared. What a relief. Your software is elegant, effective, easy to use and well documented. Albert J. Bick, CPA
Also, I want to say a heart-felt thank you for this software. My dad is a very serious photographer, and tremors have already forced him to move away from film and to always shooting digital with a tripod. So we were heartbroken when he couldn't use Photoshop anymore. For the last 50 years he has dedicated his free time to photography.

I installed this on the computer and I cannot express how much it has lifted his spirits. He is genuinely delighted and thankful to be able to easily use the computer and Photoshop again. Seth Hardiman
I started shaking my hand back and forth, and instead of the mouse shaking the pointer all around the screen, it stayed fairly steady. A quick and easy adjustment in the program settings made the mouse very steady. I instantly became a fan of the product. Adam Darack, Martha's Vineyard Times
It worked this time. It's great!! I believe your price should be higher. For a life-time license, it should be $200 more ($295).

Without this software, I couldn't work on a PC. I have tried all the different types of controls with very limited success. I have functional tremors sometime referred to as old age tremors. It is slowly getting worst. Steadymouse will allow me to adjust the settings as the tremors increase.

If you need any recommendations for this software, just let me know or just use what I said above. This is a great product!! Barney McConkey
My boss with Parkinson's has been using SteadyMouse for several weeks now. Before installing your SteadyMouse software, he would call me in to his office rather frequently throughout the day because he would have accidentally clicked on the wrong thing and I had to figure out how to get him back to where he wanted to be. I knew that SteadyMouse was making a big difference because the frequency of this occurring has gone way, way down.

Last week, he and I were working on a document together and he was at the keyboard while I sat alongside, so I had the opportunity to watch him use the mouse. What used to be an excruciating long process was smooth, accurate, and much faster. I can only imagine how frustrating mousing must have been for him when it was hard to control. SteadyMouse has made a huge difference. KAL, Washington DC
As an orginal user of SteadyMouse 1.3, I find SteadyMouse 2 an extensive upgrade. I have it installed on both my self-build PC and my Microsoft Surface pro 4, both with Windows 10 Pro. Whenever I find that SM2 is not running, I am immediately reminded why SM2 is so powerful. Also the ancillary "Ignore Accidental Clicks" for the right button is especially welcome. Thank you Ben Gottemoller for this superb application.
My most difficult mouse click is when I click on the SteadyMouse Icon to start it for the day. Gary S. Norton Reddit Logo
@steadymouse has transformed my parent's ability to use the computer. Thank you!! Anthony Grieco Twitter Logo
FYI my dad has parkinsons level 1 with tremors in his hands, which has resulted in the cursor jumping around and frequent misclicks. Slightly above mid-way allegro tremor filtering has cut away the jumps, and enabling accidental clicks for left, middle, and right buttons did away with the misclicks. My dad observes that a smoother cursor also lessens his tremors, somehow the visual jumping of the cursor is a feedback loop that increases tremors and the smoothed motion inhibits that. Great! Jon from Denmark
Thank you for my SteadyMouse! It has indeed exceeded my expectations. I have lived with Essential Tremor for some 8 to 10 years now, and though I am retired and don't use my computer for a business, I am on it enough that your product has had a profoundly positive effect on the time I spend at the computer. I found SteadyMouse on the website of the IETF. Thanks again and Peace & Goodness to you. William Spears
I would like to recommend an online business in the US. I gave a utility called SteadyMouse to someone whose hand tremors caused problems using his computer mouse. It resolved his problem completely. Just as importantly, the SteadyMouse company was beyond ethical... @DarbyCar Twitter Logo
My mother has been suffering with Essential Tremor for at least 10 years. She loves using the computer but has had increasing trouble over the years as the tremor has progressed. It had gotten to the point where she [was] dreading getting on the machine. I found SteadyMouse, installed and tweaked the settings, and she loves it. She can now use and enjoy the computer again. A great, well-designed piece of software that's simple to use. I can tell because I've been a software developer for over 30 years. Rod Maupin, WA State
I was very very very very impressed with the result. It was an instantaneous 100% improvement in my mom's computer experience. I mean, literally, going from constant struggle to almost normal use. The trial was over right from the start. It's a sell! :) Stéphane L.
I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful software program. I've use it for two days what a God send it's been I've used to use the mouse on my right hand but the years of tremors has effected my left hand as well. I'm almost 79 yrs old I use my computer to keep in touch with my family, shopping, I have a few games but do to tremors they got the best of me. I can't believe the cursor just floats not flying all over the place in fact trying to get rid of e-mails I would have to stretch my arm out tight to keep from hitting the wrong one. I don't know how or why you choose to make this software program but I hope God Blesses you everyday for the help you have given to one's like me who have this problem. Patricia C.
I felt I should let you know that, after less than 10 minutes with Steady Mouse 2, I'm impressed! I have tremors, not attributable to Parkinson's, that tend to vary in severity at times, and I was getting very frustrated with trying to control my cursor on-screen with an acceptable degree of accuracy. The logical approach to resolve it was to try something different... Maybe adjust my mouse settings, maybe my mouse is dirty (so I cleaned it), maybe my mouse is "old & worn" (like me <G>, so I tried another one I had), maybe I should try my pen tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro)? All of the things I tried did nothing to resolve the problem, and sometimes exacerbated it. So the next logical step was let's try a different mouse (in-fact several different mouse products). The result...No joy! I am now returning to the store several products I tried, a $100 trackball mouse, a $100 MS Surface Arc Mouse, a regular MS Arc Mouse and a new trackball mouse like the one I normally use, etc... Then I found Steady Mouse! I thought "Seriously? This [Steady Mouse] can't possibly work well or MS would have built these controls into Windows to begin with [wouldn't they?]. So I tried Steady Mouse and, as I said in my opening statement, in less than 10 minutes I was impressed! Sheldon S., California
I bought SteadyMouse 2 two days ago for my mother, who has essential tremor. It was really easy to download, install and use. She is running Windows 7 on an older model desktop machine. I had SteadyMouse up and running in a few minutes and it immediately made a huge improvement on her ability to use the mouse. I can't believe how this simple software can have such a huge impact. Definitely worth the small cost of purchase. Thank you for making this product! Mike G, Brick, NJ
Steady Mouse has been the difference between being completely disabled from computer use and working competently. Of course my work is slower but still manageable. I do use two mice - a regular mouse and a roller mouse the combination and the Steady Mouse program accent keyboard and mouse operations perfectly. My tremor was so bad that I was about to be forced to retire. The Steady Mouse Program eliminated the challenges I faced with the keyboard and mouse. Dr. James M., Oklahoma
I bought SteadyMouse for my uncle a month ago, and he is very thankful. It helps him a lot. He is especially happy that after the medically difficult year he has been through, he is able again to easily play chess on the internet (chess is his main hobby, and it's VERY important for him).

And I, as the one responsible for the purchase and the installation, want to thank you for the way this process works. I've seen software that's "user friendly", but I've never seen a software that deserves to be called "kind". It shows that you put a lot of thinking and care in it. Hagai
Marvelous! Wonderful! Fantastic! I can not find the superlatives necessary to express how wonderful your software is. I have an essential tremor which is getting worse. I am day trading stocks on my computer all day. Prior to purchasing steady mouse my exasperation with my mouse was enormous. I actually made a stock purchase by accident due to my tremor. After fine tuning your software to my needs it is as if I no longer have a tremor!!! Thank you so much. Aaron