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The SteadyMouse free edition (v1) is over thirteen years old. After a multi-year effort and a few thousand hours, the new commercial version is available with many advanced features, bug-fixes, and improvements for you.

After you try the free version further down, if you want to go even further, or wish to avoid all of the old nuisance bugs, you are invited to return and purchase the upgrade to SteadyMouse 2. There's a 70 day money back guarantee so all the risk is on us while you take it for a spin.

In any event, you'll find the free version on this page below. It's not going anywhere, since it's good enough for some and not everyone can afford the commercial upgrade. Whichever you go with, may you leave this site in better shape than you arrived.

SteadyMouse 1 - Original Free Version

Developed in 2005 and last updated in 2006, the decade old free version has a few common issues to be aware of
Before trying this old version out, please take a moment to learn about the main bugs so they are not a surprise if they occur. Also, please note that reporting bugs in the free edition is no longer necessary since all these original issues are fixed in SteadyMouse 2 and later.

Known issues and limitations to be aware of:

  • Does not support ignoring accidental *left* clicks as the method had not been invented yet.
  • On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 the cursor sometimes goes crazy and flies off the screen. The process has to be killed to get it back. This especially occurs when desktop scaling is enabled.
  • On computers with a touch screen, the cursor does not restore properly when transitioning from touch input back to mouse input.
  • When restoring the PC from sleep, the cursor sometimes goes missing.
  • Anti-tremor filtering does not work with multiple monitors and the cursor is effectively locked to the primary display.
  • The filtering is laggier and less advanced, so please know that it only gets better from here.
  • Icon targeting only works on the primary display and only finds a small number of target types.
  • The "Scroll lock" key, being the only SteadyMouse on/off toggle-key, interferes with programs like Excel.
  • Language translations are not supported.
  • On some computers the settings panel opens every single time Windows starts up.
  • The filter adjustment slider bar hops and skips when being moved by the mouse. This is due to filter reset.

There's a possible workaround for the crazy cursor issue if you read through the troubleshooting guide. This guide was written for SteadyMouse 2 and later, however it incidentally helps in mitigating at least that one problem with the free version.
These issues are all fixed in SteadyMouse 2 and later

SteadyMouse v1.3 - March 23rd, 2006

As a precaution, never set SteadyMouse 1 to start automatically with Windows. If the cursor freezes or disappears, you can reboot to get back to normal. The software is primarily compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download SteadyMouse v1.3 (Repackaged) [2.7 MB]

Bug Fixes v1.3:

  • Basic (non-admin) users can run SteadyMouse.
  • Settings are now saved on a per user basis.
  • Fixed a severe problem with the main mutex shared between several threads (Thanks Andrew!).
  • Message window text is read-only now.
  • Much much more that I don't remember at 11pm on a Thursday.
Prior Bug Fixes (Included from v1.2, October, 2005):
  • Windows "Snap To" mouse feature is now functional.
  • "Fast User Switching" in XP no longer causes the mouse to stop working.
  • Anti-tremor filtering now gets along better with remote desktop connections.
  • Locking the desktop no longer causes the mouse to stop working.
  • Large fonts don't mess up the "About" window as much.
  • Lacking support from older operating systems should not cause the mouse to stop working.