SteadyMouse Cover

Wacom Tablet Support

Warning: Entering experimental territory

At present, Wacom Tablet support is only partial, although full support is on the radar. In order to experiment, settings must be changed via the "Wacom Tablet Properties" application and in the SteadyMouse hidden settings. It is also likely you will want to undo these changes when not using SteadyMouse and Wacom together.

Find below the full instructions for changes to Wacom and SteadyMouse that should allow experimenting with smoothed tablet drawing.

Adjusting the Wacom Tablet Settings

Wacom tablets have two modes, "Pen Mode" and "Mouse Mode", and only the latter works well -- allowing the pen to draw extra smooth lines and curves with SteadyMouse cooperating.

  • Open the "Wacom Tablet Properties" application.
  • Select the "Mapping" tab.
  • Change from "Pen Mode" to "Mouse Mode"
With this change, tablet cursor motion will behave in a relative manner now rather than absolute.

Adjusting the SteadyMouse Hidden Settings

SteadyMouse has some advanced settings if you know where to look for them.

  • Bring up the SteadyMouse settings window by double clicking the desktop icon.
  • From the SteadyMouse settings window click the little mouse cartoon in the upper right corner.
  • In the "About Window" click repeatedly on the little mouse cartoon (near the bottom of the window) until "Developer Mode" unlocks
  • Uncheck the option for "Use Raw Input Stream Intercept Mode".
  • It is also recommended to experiment with Unchecking the option for "Use Direct Cursor Injection".